Traits of Leadership before Covid19

A few of the Leadership Traits that I found was necessary for the workplace Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has not just changed the world but also changed the DNA of our workplace ecosystem in many ways.  The pandemic experience witnessed certain leadership qualities and approached that made a huge difference.

Being a resilient leader was imperative.  Maintaining a positive attitude and strong sense of opportunity during the periods of crisis. 

  •      Candor – forthrightness

While honesty has always been an important trait, this moment requires another level of honesty. It is also the best antidote for a workplace climate of anxiety. People tend to respond better to the known (whatever the news may be) than the unknown.

It is always good to encourage real talk, we need to leave the door open for honest dialogue. You need to make your employees feel that you are approachable and that any problem/situation can be shared.   This way we can create an opportunity for employees to feel comfortable.

Candor generates speed. We may think that a lively debate will slow down things, but no; when ideas are thrown around, they can be debated, analyzed, enhanced which directs to decisive decisions and actions.

  •      Active Listening

The time of great uncertainty, changing the way people work, travel, social distancing etc. becoming the new norm

At this time, if we are not asking our workforce their feelings, concerns then we surely are missing out on critical information. It is there imperative to listen. This is the time when hierarchy matters less and the opinions of mass.

Active listening builds trust and strong working relationship, increases productivity and of course resolves conflicts if any.

  •     Empathy

Leaders often have to wear multiple hats. Post Covid, as counselor in chief too. A few tone deaf, insensitive responses can have reverse consequences during this situation.

As per the study of  2018 State of Workplace Empathy , 96% of employees consider it important for employers to demonstrate empathy, and yet 92% believe this trait is undervalued in their workplaces. 

Empathy is a natural human response, but due to the hectic and stressful working conditions, this slips out.

A  study from Harvard Business Review found that empathetic companies outperform their more callous counterparts by 20 percent. When people feel understood themselves, they’re more receptive to others’ concerns—and team cohesion and collaboration follow suit. They’re also more apt to take risks, believing that they’ll be supported, rather than punished if they fail. 

An empathetic workplace equals an engaged workforce, and that translates to business success.

  •      Flexibility and Adaptability

Little did we realize that this Covid can have such widespread drastic action. 

Faced with such unprecedented uncertainty, we had to avoid the temptation of “stick with a decision” We had to be willing to review data regularly and change our course of action too based on that.

Keeping in mind the safety, health of all, we had to be mentally poised to dramatically shift course irrespective of all the goals, strategies that we had rolled out after spending countless hours of developing the same.    However, what we achieved was our business also could withstand the change and of course safety and health of the staff was prioritized.

By :

Meera Nair

(Group Chief Operating Officer – AW Holding)

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