Cross Border update during COVID-19

Increase in the portfolio with high inflow of new cases with 10 times over and above BAU

The COVID19 situation lead to high increase in the total number of cases that were received by the CBC team. These cases were fundamentally from Gulf regions like Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE and Egypt.

The collection on the other hand experienced a concavity as the pandemic situation lead to cashflow issues in several companies and for the individual debtor, they are facing salary issues from their company.

At AW Holding the team has adapted a very responsive approach so that while dealing with the debtors we are ensuring not to be behave in aggressive manner however the approach is kept on an assertive level. These are challenging situations where every individual has to work in an appropriate mechanism so that we may continue with the business operations along with sustaining the human life. 

The AW Holding team while working remotely has ensured to be in contact with their clients and partners via different channels like video conferencing and phone calls to keep them abreast of the situation and also ensuring that the business operations are not impacted due to the lockdown situations.

By :

Deepanshu Verma

(Operation Officer – AW Holding)

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