Why Us?

Transparency & Reporting
We give you clear and objective projections on your debt situation – be it domestic or international, short, medium or long term, our expert advisors analyze the facts to determine whether your debts are collectible or non-collectible. We also keep you up-to-date every step of the way with periodical reports and in-depth case updates.

360-degree Legal Support
With our sister affiliations, we are fully equipped in providing you with sworn legal advice that is certified from the Ministry of Justice. This means that your debt collection situations can be resolved or understood from both a financial and legal point of view.

Exclusive Corporate Collection
Due to our wide range of expertise and market experience, we are one of the few that collect debt on behalf of corporations. This means that your organization can collect its debts without having to go through banks and financial institutions.

Free Consultation & Due Diligence
As part of our enhanced quality and customer care experience, we offer all our clients a free debt consultation along with the necessary Due Diligence that goes with your debt collection case.

‘No collection, No Fees’ Guarantee
As a value-added service to our medium-large corporate clients, we offer an assurance policy wherein we receive no payment until your debt is collected – when you get paid, we get paid.

Cost Competitiveness
One of our core beliefs is to offer every client a custom-fit price plan that complements their budget in a logical way.