Who we are?

Debt is a sensitive subject in the world of business. On one hand, debt serves as an economic engine; while on the other, it can be a speed bump that slows down growth. At ALWADI Debt Management, we understand this sensitive balance. Which is why we’ve put together a team of debt management experts and consultants with years of experience and a combined record of success that spans the entire country – a company designed to make debt work for you.

What makes us unique is our comprehensive approach to each case. We start by analyzing the situation, assessing all the facts and giving you an honest and realistic projection of the outcome. And thanks to our strategic alliances and sister affiliations, we can also offer a 360-degree legal perspective to every case – meaning you have a thorough understanding of your debt situation. This is why we’re the only company in the market that can offer complete corporate collection services.

We believe in transparent dealings, ethical behavior, innovative solutions and quality over quantity. So we only undertake collection cases that we believe can be negotiated in a satisfactory manner. We don’t make false guarantees, we simply do our best to put your debt situations on the right track. Also, we proudly stand out as the kind of firm that keeps its clients informed and updated with periodical reports and reviews – so you’re never in the dark about your debt collection cases.