Client Stories

We are strong believers in the need to respect the privacy of our clients. However, some of our more enthusiastic clients have been generous enough in allowing us to share their success stories with you. We hope we can achieve similar results for you.

“As a leading pharmaceutical supplies provider, our organization deals with debt on a regular basis. Using ALWADI Debt Management’s local knowledge and resources, along with their excellent debt collection and management services, we were able to ensure that payments were honored on time, pending issues were cataloged and our own debt portfolio was streamlined and aligned with company objectives.”
Ruba HussainiHead of Debt & legal Issues at a major pharmaceutical supplies provider.

“Our construction company was looking to expand into the UAE, and one of its chief concerns for the new branch was the debt management department. Working with ALWADI Debt Management, we were able to not only use their expertise to outsource the necessary talent, but we were able to use their training and support services to ensure that each member was up-to-date on the industry’s latest techniques.”
Asaad Al HabibHR Director at an international construction company.

“Unresolved debts and asset auctions can be quite difficult to leverage, but with ALWADI Debt Management’s assistance, we were able to sell our debt at extremely competitive prices, and their auctioning experts earnings were beyond expectations when commissioned to leverage some of our undesired assets in the market.”
Navid ThomasAssistant Finance Director at a high-profile bank.

“With my growing family responsibilities and the current economic turbulence, defaulting on my loans was quickly becoming a reality. And in order to ensure my family’s financial future, I sought the assistance of ALWADI Debt Management. Their friendly and detailed legal and financial advice not only helped me get my finances in order, but also gave me a complete idea of what I should do to maintain this stability.”
Muhammad RifaiMid-level manager at a real estate company.

“My investment portfolio was facing declining returns and I was having trouble honoring my debts and financial obligations – which left me in trouble with the bank. However, after my free consult visit to ALWADI Debt Management, I not only gained top-of-the-line legal representation and financial advisory, I gained a valued partner who managed to negotiate my obligations and fines down to a reasonable settlement. And by rescheduling my debt payments, they allowed me the flexibility to pay them off in a manageable fashion.”
Jessica MorrisonInvestor.

“My recent termination from my job has forced me to default on my mortgage and credit card payments, resulting in my imprisonment and the unjust repossession of some of my possessions. A few relatives had contacted ALWADI Debt Management, who in turn came to my aid by offering me comprehensive legal representation and complete logistical support. The settlement process went extremely well.”
Desmond PerkashSales agent at a bank.